Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront 1.7

Star Wars: Battlefront is a game based in Star Wars movies (Episode III to VI)
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Star Wars: Battlefront is a game based on Star Wars movies (from Episode III to VI).You can fight against the good or evil side of the force, being a droid, clone or rebel. Battlefront transports you to different battlefields scenarios of the saga of George Lucas films. The graphics are great and the voices of the characters are realistic.
Developed by Pandemic Studios, Star Wars: Battlefront is a multiplayer game full potential of which is based on online gaming. You have four of the most influential factions in the evolution of the galaxy in the various films of the saga at your disposal, which means, of course, the forces of the republic (the clones), Federation of Commerce droids, the rebels and the imperial troops.
To start playing you must choose one of four factions, select the map and one of the strategic points where you will be placed to start fighting. Each side has different troops although they can be listed in the following "professions" : pilot, soldier, explorer, heavy weapons soldier and special troops. Each of these units has unique weapons and some special skills that make them different form the rest of its colleagues.
Star Wars: Battlefront will definitely take you deep into all the battles you decide to take part in. There will be lots of enemies and allies fighting endlessly, laser shots through the skies, strong explosions and best of all, you will be involved as just another soldier, no super heroes at all.

Review summary


  • Availability of characters and game modes
  • Nice graphic environment


  • The menus are fairly uncomfortable
  • Some scenarios are somehow empty
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